Wedding Photography Training Day – Feb 2017

Wedding Photography Training Day – Feb 2017

Making yourself stand out from the crowd!

Wedding Photography Training Day – Feb 2017.

Yes, I know.  I’ve not blogged in a long while! I do it all myself and sometimes life get’s in the way!!

Anyway.  Wedding Photography Training Day – 20th Feb 2017.  Two young ladies wanting to up their business game and learn how to make themselves stand out from the crowded market of wedding photography.

My usual Wedding Photography Training Day is about half and half of business and photography and this day was around the same.  I like to make sure that those attending get something they can REALLY use immediately both in the business aspect and in the photography side.

From looking at what Cost of Doing Business to Wedding Photography Camera Kit to natural light photography to on camera and off camera flash plus some simple editing techniques this day is jam packed.  We started at 0930hrs and finished around 1800hrs – 8 1/2 hours of solid working. (Except for a short lunch break and a few coffees/teas!)

Below is a selection of the delegate shots, some simple edits by me and a final shot of my model (Jade) taken by one of the delegates and then edited by me.

Photograph taken by one of the delegates, edited by myself.

Photograph taken by delegate, edited by myself.

Wedding Photography Training Day

Wedding Photography Training

If you are interested in a relaxed, small workshop that concentrates on passing information, you can use IMMEDIATELY in your business then drop me a line.  The first half of the day looks at the business side as well as kit etc.  The second half looks at photography, including an introduction to On Camera and Off Camera Flash techniques.

Make you work different – stand out from the crowd!

Wedding Photography Training Day – Feb 2017
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