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Andrew Miller


Addicted to Jaffa Cakes, weak decaf tea (Yorkshire), loves Bon Jovi and likes to travel around the UK – so don’t be put off by the Bristol bit!

Prices start from £1,260, including the  standard

Jaffa Cake discount.

Unlike the majority of wedding photographers I know I’m not the perfect wedding photographer for everyone.

So, with that in mind, I’ve set up a quiz to see if we are compatible!

So click here to complete The Quiz and let’s connect.  Or not!

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An Incredibly Helpful Bristol Wedding Photographer


I’m Andrew. I’m honestly the most helpful wedding photographer you could find—with a wickedly sarcastic sense of humour!

You name it, I’ve got to make your wedding go as planned.

I live in South Wales, but so close to Bristol and the South West, it makes no difference. AND I travel around the UK in my self-contained campervan to photograph the most amazing couples at the most amazing weddings – so no travel costs!

Being this close to the M4 / M5 means I’ve been all over the UK photographing weddings – distance is not an issue for me.

I’m A Bristol Wedding Photographer Who Prints


Every single wedding couple whose wedding I photograph gets a wedding album.  Are you even a wedding photographer if you don’t provide wedding albums?!

Sizes are related to your budget, and all my prices are open and transparent; included in the contract and fixed when you book.  More importantly, they are on my website – click here.

Honestly, why would you pay £2,000 or more to get digital images from a download gallery or on a USB with a few prints thrown into a wooden box with some straw for good luck?

Wedding Albums – Bristol Wedding Photographer
The Arches Dean Clough Halifax

More 5 STAR Google Reviews Than You Can Shake A Stick At!


One of the hardest things when looking for a Bristol wedding photographer is to find real proof that the quality is there – hence the Google Reviews.  Not everyone takes the time to leave a review, but the ones you see are from real weddings and real people.  What more proof do you need that I’m your wedding photographer?

131 FIVE STAR Google Reviews that pretty all say how helpful and incredible I am.  The Best Bridesmaid You Don’t Buy A Dress For is my tagline, and these outstanding Google Reviews confirm it.

Anyone Can Get A Discount!


All you need to do is buy me a box of McVities Jaffa Cakes or DeCaf Yorkshire Tea when we meet, and you get an incredibly budget-busting 10% discount.

Mind you, when I say decaf Yorkshire Tea, I mean it. Not like my amazing bride, who forgot and thought that a wedding in the heart of Yorkshire (Halifax) deserved Tetley’s tea!! I nearly walked off.  Lucky for her the Jaffa Cakes were in plentiful supply :-)

It has to be McVities Jaffa Cakes – nothing elsecomes close for this Bristol Wedding Photographer.

Quesiton 9 The One About
St Tewdrics wedding Venue Mathern

Prices are fixed at the time of booking.


In fact, my prices are on my website, so you know exactly what you are paying for when you book (don’t forget the Jaffa Cakes!).  The price and what is included in that price is in your contract, along with any extras you may want.  So you know exactly what you are going to pay, and what it will cost if you want any extras.

My prices will never increase once you have booked.  Promise.

Eyeball to Eyeball


Using technology is all well and good, but if you are going to trust me to photograph your wedding and pay me your hard-earned cash for the honour, we are going to meet face to face.

Sure, I may have to start it off with a Zoom session if I’m too far away and too busy to take time out to meet you, but we will meet face-to-face within two months of any booking via Zoom.

It’s essential to me that we get on – I don’t have time limits, so I could be with you for maybe 16 hours or more at the height of summer.  Imagine the nightmare that can turn into if we don’t get on – and technology just doesn’t cut it for me.


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