Fuji XT2 wedding photographer – What I keep in my camera bag

What I keep in my camera bag…which is a Maxpedition bag, not a normal camera bag. It’s much more versatile and means I can carry more in comfort. Watch the video for the details!

What I keep in my camera bag…

As well as the usual stuff such as lenses, batteries etc the video below (What I keep in my camera bag…) also shows you the extra stuff I carry to make your wedding and my working day run so much smoother!

So yes, eyelash glue, scissors, sewing kit, crochet hooks, deodorant, hairspray and grips may sound a bit weird but when you need them you realise why I carry them!

I’ve even supplied a brides hair decoration this year (Claire ;-) !) from the contents of my camera bag!

So when I talk about what I keep in my camera bag it really makes a difference.  It is those personal touches that make the difference.

I’m not just a wedding photographer.  I’m the best bridesmaid you didn’t buy a dress for!!

Whats in my camera bag