Wedding Photography in 2015

Wedding Photography in 2015   – Wow!  What a great year 2015 has been for me.  38 weddings completed and that another Terabyte of wedding photographs for the archives!  I’d love to be able to have just one video showing all the Wedding Photography in 2015  that I’ve done – but it would be way too long and take way too long to upload!  So I’ve chosen some photographs from all my weddings at random and put them together in what looks like it may have to be three parts…

The weddings are in pretty random order of the year, but the images from each wedding are all together!  I have taken around 45,000 this year so far (two weddings left to go!) so it’s hard to choose from my very very favourites.  They are all amazing weddings for one reason or another.

I’m looking forward to working with more amazing couples next year… will you be one of them??!!

Part 1