St Pierre Wedding Photography

St Pierre Weddings Photography

St Pierre Weddings Photography – Pretty amazing wedding venue really (St Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club) and for this wedding I had a pretty amazing bride and groom and a cheeky little monkey of baby!

Makeup was provided by Jax-Glam Beauty who did a stunning job.  Jessica’s makeup stayed perfect all day.  A good MUA is well worth it from my point of view!

Jessica had done some excellent planning on her wedding and had used an event and design company called Once Upon A Table Events to design the room layout.  My jaw dropped when I saw the room; it was fantastic.  A job well done to Kate Lesley for that.

The plan didn’t go exactly to order; a crash on the M4 at Junction 19 meant that guests were going to be delayed.  Usually the registra’s have another wedding to go to and so can’t delay things.  However the two ladies from Newport’s office delayed the wedding for an hour; thank you!!!  You won’t often find photographers thanking registras but that delay actually meant that I was able to capture an amazing sunset!!  To be fair Newport Registry office has a great bunch of people working for them and Ive never had a serious problem.

A great 7-8 minute fireworks display courtesy of MLE Pyrotechnics  finished out the evenings events.  They guys came from Northampton; worth every penny.

Enough of my words on St Pierre Weddings Photography and lets get onto the photos!!