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Wedding Insurance – Ive just seen an article on the BBC about wedding insurance and in particular a bride who had to cancel. You can see the article in full by clicking here.

Many couples I speak to do not bother with Insurance; it just adds extra cost to what is already a costly day. All I can say is that all the professionals you will work with on your wedding day (including me – the photographer) will have insurance as a matter of course.

Check the policies of your wedding insurance

If you are unsure about the insurance your professionals (venues, car’s, florists, photographer etc) may have ask to see copies of the policies… before you book them!

It may take some of the suppliers time to get these to you (maybe 48 hours) as they don’t often carry around copies of insurance documents.  If you have not heard back from them after 72 hours I’d ditch the photographer/supplier personally.

Who is photographing your wedding and who is insured?

Especially check photographers insurance and contract details.  Many photographers are not full-time professionals and so may not have the correct types of insurance, or at the appropriate level. There is also one or two companies that use ‘associate’ photographers to shoot weddings – check that the company you contract with is insured as well as the photographer who eventually turns up to shoot your wedding.  They may not be the same person!

You should ask to see Professional Indemnity and Personal Liability insurance at the least. Basically one covers the photographer for being well, unprofessional in the shooting of your wedding and the other for causing accidents during the day.

How much does it cost for wedding insurance?

The BBC research says about £130 for a £25,000 wedding. That is around the same price as a new car.  You wouldn’t drive a car, especially a brand new one, without insurance so it makes sense to give some serious thought about taking out wedding insurance.

John Lewis has several different levels of cover, from £10,000 to £50,000. Even the lowest level has photography insurance of £2,000.  The costs are between £65 and £277 so it is really worth the extra money spent on your wedding plans.

As you can imagine there is also the usual comparison site!! Click here to go to the insurance comparison site.

What do I look for in Wedding Insurance?

  • You might have to get extra cover for a marquee
  • Some policies make you wait eight weeks before redundancy cover kicks in
  • There is often a limit on how much you can claim for each item – so it is important to check your wedding rings, cake and flowers are fully covered
  • There are time limits on how long things are covered before and after the ceremony. For example, your wedding rings are normally only covered for seven days in advance
  • It is helpful to get a policy that includes your suppliers “failing to meet obligations”. Others only cover you if the company has gone bankrupt or into liquidation.
  • Source: Defaqto

Why it is Important for ME that you get wedding insurance.

Put simply because if you cancel your wedding for a valid reason I would still expect to be paid.  It’s my full-time job, pays the mortgage etc.  I have declined other bookings on your date – turned away potential income.  I would be able to make a claim on your insurance (just as you could make a claim against mine).

My Terms & Conditions set out the cancellation time frame etc should you need to cancel your wedding.

Should I say I’m having a party to get cheaper suppliers?

Nope.  This may get you cheaper suppliers, but you may invalidate any contract you sign and that will invalidate your wedding insurance!

Have fun, but please think about getting insurance, things happen and it could be the difference between having a great day or not having wedding at all.


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Do you need to bother with Wedding Insurance?
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Do you need to bother with Wedding Insurance?
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Do you need to bother with Wedding Insurance? - In short yes! It may save you a lot of money and heartache if things go wrong.
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