Wedding Photography Training Day | Wedding Photography Business Training

Wedding Photography Training Day | Wedding Photography Business Training

This is a Wedding Photography Training Day that is jam packed with up to date information on running your business and techniques for taking your photography skills to another level.

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Wedding Photography Training Day – Dates & Timings

Dates for 2017

  • 17th February 2017
  • 17th March 2017
  • 21st April 2017
  • 12th May 2017
  • 19th July 2017
  • 13th September 2017
  • 13th October 2017

Times for the day

It’s going to be a long day, so be prepared for that.  We will have breaks to chat and chill out and discuss things in smaller groups then come back together to iron out details etc.

Start at 0930hrs and finish at 2100hrs.  That’s just under 12 hours. (Energy drinks won’t be provided by the way – but feel free to bring along your own and plenty of Jaffa Cakes!).  Lunch and coffee is provided.

(Exact times depend on the time of the year, sunset times etc.(

Wedding Photography Training Day, Wedding Photography Business Training – Delivered by Andrew Miller

Wedding Photography Training Day & Wedding Photography Business Training – This is a Wedding Photography Training Day that is jam packed with up to date information on running your business and techniques for taking your photography skills to another level.  Full Aims and Objectives of the day are below.

This full day will concentrate on your business as well as your photography and will take place in a four-star hotel in South Wales – the amazing St. Piere Marriott Hotel & Country Club where Andrew is one of the preferred suppliers of wedding photography.

Running your own business?  Make sure you are pricing your work appropriately.

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Wedding Photography Training Day | Wedding Photography Business Training

Wedding Photography Training Day - Aims

The day aims to develop your skill set further in terms of running a wedding photography business and taking those “WOW!” Hero Wedding Photographs (Signature Photographs) your clients book you for.

It will introduce you to the use of on and off camera flash techniques as well as the use of other lighting sources.  I’ll talk  you through how my day is planned with emphasis on the groups and bridal portraits. We will chat about the camera kit I use regularly (i.e.  what I’ve kept from all the kit I’ve bought!)I’ll also be going through my post-processing techniques for the Hero Wedding Photographs.  So bring your laptops if you want to join in 🙂  I’ll talk about the business aspect of running a photography business, from contracts to insurance to websites to marketing & SEO.

We will be photographing inside a small badly lit church (even with the lights on it’s badly lit) as well as the inside of a four-star hotel.  We will be outside photographing around the grounds of the hotel – wide open spaces, wooded areas, tree lined avenues, lakes, quaint bridges and ruined buildings.  We will photograph in daylight, during dusk and at night time – so bring your flash kit. (If you don’t have any let me know when you book; there are always ways and means of using technology to get around this!)

I’ll also be using REAL people as subjects; not models so you will learn how to talk / communicate with your clients and direct people who know nothing about posing.

We will be going through album design for real clients and I will have a wide selection of sample albums around for you to look through.

Wedding Photography Training Day | Wedding Photography Business Training

Wedding Photography Training Day - Objectives

  • Getting a sensible and logical running order in your head and sticking to it.
  • What is a “Hero Wedding Photograph / Signature Image” and how do you find your particular style?
  • Describe and explain the steps you need to take to use On and Off Camera flash in a variety of different situations using a variety of light modifiers.
  • Describe the differences between how RAW & JPG files work and how they can be ‘pushed’ for post-processing.
  • List the various plugins that you can use to aid and speed your editing process.
  • Writing Adobe Photoshop Actions and Adobe Lightroom Presets to speed your workflow.
  • Describe the importance of having a contract signed by all parties.
  • Utilise good communication techniques when talking to clients.
  • Learning how to pose clients so THEY feel comfortable. (It’s not about YOU; it’s about THEM!)
  • Putting together your Wedding Photography Collections and getting that “WOW” factor
  • Album design for real clients and why allowing them to choose their own photographs gives you space to up-sell.
  • Learn the basics of marketing, web design and SEO.
  • Lots of photography.  Really – loads of it.  Inside, outside, churches, buildings, woods, fields, lakesides & bridges.

What it costs.

The whole day will cost £250 which includes drinks, meals etc.  If you wish to bring a second photographer along the price is £395 for the both of you.

Partners (husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends etc) are an important part of making a successful business as a photographer, even if they do nothing more than support you emotionally.  So as a result of that partners are welcome to join for the day’s workshop for £25 (to cover drinks & meals) provided they do not use a camera during the day!

Minimum numbers are 4 and maximum number are 10 photographers.

Early Bird Discount

Book your date more than 5 weeks before the workshops date to get an Early Bird Discount of £25 per person.

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The venue for this South Wales Wedding Photography Training Day will be at the amazing St. Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club. (St Pierre Park, Chepstow, Wales NP16 6YA)

Set in 400 acres of rolling parkland, this plush hotel and country club set in a converted 14th-century manor house is 0.2 miles from the beach, 3 miles from Chepstow train station and 4 miles from Caldicot Castle.

High-end rooms and suites come with satellite TV, and tea and coffee making facilities. Wi-Fi is also available (fee) and there’s 24/7 room service. Suites have separate living areas with sofa-beds; some have golf-course views.

Parking is free. There are 2 restaurants serving breakfast and dinner, an 18-hole golf course with a clubhouse lounge/bar, and a fitness centre with an indoor pool and a hot tub.


I’m currently liaising with the hotel on reduced rate booking for rooms.  Other hotels / B&B’s are:

The Beaufort Hotel, Chepstow

Penhein Glamping

First Hurdle Guest House

If you stay in Chepstow let me know and I can arrange collection and drop off!

Getting To Chepstow / St. Pierre Marriott

Chepstow is situated just across the Welsh border (so you have to pay to get in if you use the Severn Toll bridges).  It is easily accessible from the M4 East or West and the main M4 / M5 interchange is only a couple of miles away.

Cardiff and Bristol both have international airports.

Newport is the main train station; although Chepstow also has it’s own train station.

St. Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club is approximately 5 miles from Chepstow, along the A48 towards Caerwent (an old Roman fortress town) and Newport.  It is just past the village of Mathern.

Coaching / Mentoring available – Wedding Photography Business Training

Online – If you have the equipment (laptop / desktop + microphone + webcam) we can arrange 1-1 coaching sessions to go through your issues on an individual basis as well as show you remotely how to use aspects of the Adobe range of software – Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom. This online coaching / mentoring will cost £50 per hour and can be done at your convenience.

Face to Face – Coaching sessions / 1-1 photography sessions are also available; get in touch for more details and costs.

Running your own business?  Make sure you are pricing your work appropriately.

Download this “Cost of Doing Business” calculator FREE

About Andrew – A Fully Qualified Professional Trainer

Andrew is a fully qualified and professional trainer with 25 years of adult training & development experience gained within the British Army and his corporate life before becoming a photographer. (His last full-time role was a Group Learning & Development manager in charge of development of the CEO, senior management teams and individual Directors for a FTSE 100 company)

That means he knows how to get complex messages across in an easy to understand way. He knows how different people learn, not just at different rates but in different ways. In short he knows what he is doing in a training environment.

Andrew is a fully qualified and experienced trainer which includes the following

  • UK Military Train the Trainer (TTT) programme (6-week intensive course)
  • Degree level Adult-Adult (1-1 / 1-many) training qualification
  • Masters Level Coaching & Mentoring with the Institute of Leadership & Management
  • Qualified to administer and use psychometric assessments from the British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • 25 years of training experience within the British Military and National & International Blue Chip organisations.
  • Includes 16 years of corporate training within the UK, USA, Europe, Middle East and the Far East.
  • Degree Level Photography Course (via British Army)

South Wales Wedding Photography Training

Before signing up for training workshops with other photographers check to make sure they are qualified to deliver training to groups or on a 1-1 basis. If they offer coaching and / or mentoring – ask if they are qualified coaches and mentors. If not; why not?

Those same professional photographers would moan about the amateurs picking up a camera and photographing a wedding without any training yet fail to see the irony of offering training workshops themselves when they have no training qualifications.

It’s not good enough to be good – you have to be good enough to teach your subject as well.

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Wedding Photography Training Day | Wedding Photography Business Training
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