How to Give a Great Wedding Speech


I’ve heard plenty of wedding speeches in my line of work as a wedding photographer and there have been some great ones and some, well…not so great. There are lots of ways to get your best man or father of the bride speech right and more than a few that result in a red face or two amongst the assembled guests.


Keep It Relatively Brief


I have been at weddings where the best man’s speech has gone on…and on…and on, sometimes for upwards of an hour. By this point, wedding guests are yawning down their sleeves and looking skywards for some sort of a reprieve. A good, punchy speech should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes and this is plenty of time to say everything that needs to be said.


Don’t Thank Everybody


The work that goes into a wedding is huge and the people involved are many. Whilst it is might feel like you want to thank everyone for the effort they’ve put in, the speech is probably not the time to do it. Some wedding speeches attempt to thank everyone who has helped individually and although this might seem like the right thing to do, it can be a little laborious to listen to.


Taking a moment to thank everyone who helped in person at some point of the day is a much more personable and sincere way to show them your gratitude. Focus your speech on talking about the important people of the day – the happy couple – and your speech will immediately become more succinct.


Don’t Let Nerves Get the Better of You


Not many of us like public speaking and when mixed with the emotions of a wedding, it can be quite a daunting task to stand up and talk in front of a crowd. You need to remember that you’re not being judged and that those you’re talking to, couldn’t be rooting for you more.


By keeping your speeches brief and to the point, it will give you the time to really get to the nub of the matter – giving the assembled party a humorous and heartfelt glimpse into the best parts of both bride and groom’s past present and future.


Good Luck!


There are many books on making great wedding speeches, but If you’re about to take on the responsibility of making a wedding speech and want to really nail it, remember to be calm, keep it short and above all, enjoy the experience.