DSLR Photography Training Day  |  South Wales Photography Training

DSLR Photography Training Day |  South Wales Photography Training

DSLR Photography Training Day – These are the basic’s that you should know and understand before going any further.  They are the CORE to your understanding how to take great photographs without thinking about it; without having to resort to the ‘P’ mode on your camera and without having to take multiple shots to get the one the works.  It is about understanding the technical abilities of the camera and yourself and making them work together in harmony.   What it’s not about is the creative side… not yet.  That comes with an understanding of how you take the photograph.

On the DSLR Photography Training Day, You will learn…

  • How to use the camera in fully manual mode to take full control of the exposure and get perfect exposures time after time after time
  • How to decide which mode is best for you and the situation you are in
  • Which lens gives the best results for which situation
  • Some simple physics to help in understanding about how light works
  • Choosing the next piece of camera kit to buy – and what to sell!

The day is aimed predominantly at beginners but also people who know a bit but want to get more from their camera

Investment- £150 for the day

Location – Flexible to suit you; travel costs may be requested

Time – Flexible to suit you.  Avoid weekends as I usually work those!

Fully Qualified Professional Trainer

DSLR Photography Training Day – Andrew is a fully qualified and professional trainer with 25 years of adult training & development experience gained within the British Army and his corporate life before becoming a photographer. (His last full time role was a Group Learning & Development manager in charge of development of the CEO, senior management teams and individual Directors for a FTSE 100 company)

That means he knows how to get complex messages across in an easy to understand way. He knows how different people learn, not just at different rates but in different ways. In short he knows what he is doing in a training environment.

Andrew is a fully qualified and experienced trainer which includes the following

  • UK Military Train the Trainer (TTT) programme
  • British Army Photography Course
  • Certificate in Training Practise (Distinction) from the Chartered Institute of Personal & Development (CIPD)
  • Level 7 Coaching & Mentoring with the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)
  • Qualified to administer and use psychometric assessments from the British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • 25 years of training experience within the British Military and National & International Blue Chip organisations.
  • Includes 14 years of corporate training within the UK, USA, Europe, Middle East and Far East.

Think about your Photography Trainer…

Before signing up for training workshops with other photographers check to make sure they are qualified to deliver training to groups or on a 1-1 basis.  If not; why not?  The photographs may be fantastic but if the photographer can’t teach you what you need to know you may be wasting you money.

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DSLR Photography Training Day | South Wales Photography Training
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