Customer for Life Club | Cardiff Photographers

Customer For Life Club | Cardiff Photographers

“Customer for Life Club” from Andrew Miller Photography. A one off payment starting from £650 and you can have your baby, family, birthday and christening photographs for life.

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Customer for Life Club  |  Cardiff Photographers

Customer for Life Club” from Cardiff Photographers –  Andrew Miller Photography.  A one off payment starting from £575 and you can have your baby, family, birthday and christening photographs for life.

I’m very often asked to be more involved in a couples life than just taking their wedding photographs.  I get asked back to photograph the first baby perhaps, or a big birthday for a parent or grandparent.  I’ve had the honour of being able to photograph Valentine’s day shoot as a gift, a pre-wedding session, a wedding, babies first photographs, babies Christening ceremony and the 1st Year photographs for several of my couples.

This means I have a relationship going back a long time – years in fact!

You can take advantage of this Customer for Life Club, and save money in the long term, by joining the “Customer For Life Club”.  For a one-off payment of £650 you can get the following great benefits:

    • Two photography session per year with all images available as complimentary full size downloads OR
    • One photography session per year with all images available as complimentary full-size downloads AND your favourite 20 images presented in an album.
    • Each session will last approximately 90 minutes; though if you can be flexible on dates & times due to my wedding workload this could be longe
    • And you can have this every year. For as long as you want.
    • No catches, no glitches, no annual payments.
    • You can choose whatever you want the photography session to be – Newborn baby photography, family portraits, birthday parties, Baptism / Christening etc. (Unfortunately Wedding Photography isn’t included!)

Customer for Life Club – SMALL PRINT (THAT’S NOT SO SMALL)

1.  The fee is a one off payment.  You will not be asked to pay any more unless you want to upgrade the included album.

2. The included album is 20cm x 20cm and comes with 20 pages and a presentation case

3. For specific dates(Birthdays, Christenings, Baptisms, First Communions etc)  please make sure you give me as much notice as you can to ensure my availability.  If I am already booked I will attempt to provide a photographer who is the same quality to photograph the session for you.

4. “For Life” – When I retire / die that’s it.  (Unless I can manage to come back as a ghost and still use a camera.)

5.  You don’t have to take up the one or two sessions every year – but you can’t accumulate them for future years either.

6. You can’t use these sessions for wedding photography either… sorry!!

7.  This really is a one-off payment.  Pay one invoice for entry into the club and that’s it.

8.  This is not available to my international clients. (Those outside the UK)

9. If you would like more than two sessions per year then a discounted portrait rate of £65 per hour applies.

To find out more fill out the form below and Andrew will get straight back to you or call 01633 400 051 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions – Customer For Life Club  |  Cardiff Photographers

“That’s a big chunk in one go.  Can I pay in instalments?”

Yes, you can.  I’m allowed to split the payment into six smaller payments. You can take advantage of the photography sessions after the first payment; and the album after the final payment.

“Is it really a one-off payment?”

Yes. A one-time payment of , £650. That’s it.

“Can I upgrade the album?”

Absolutely.  I have a wide variety of albums I can show you.  Prices for upgrading start from £106 for a 20cm x 30cm 30-page album including presentation case.

“How much notice do I have to give you for the photography sessions?”

As much as you possibly can!  I’m a busy photographer so giving me as much notice helps me plan my time better.  You can always text, email, send a PM via Facebook or call if something unexpectedly happens; I may just be available.

“What if you are already booked?”

If I’m, already booked for the date you want I will send my trusted second photographer to carry out the session for you.  If both of us are booked – I’m sorry.

“Can you photograph in our home?”

Yes – I can provide battery powered lighting equipment for home photography.  I do prefer to go outside, though – it’s more natural!

“Where will you travel for the photography sessions?”

Great question.  I’ve clients all over the world so obviously, I can’t throw in international travel for free!  For travel more than 50 miles fro Chepstow I would charge HMRC’s standard rate of 45p per mile.

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Customer for Life Club | Cardiff Photographers
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