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About Andrew Miller  |  Cardiff Wedding Photographer  |  South Wales Wedding Photographer

About Andrew Miller – South Wales, UK & International Destination Wedding Photographer.

Ok, so you want to know a little about me?  Mmm….. could be a long session about Cardiff Wedding Photography; Andrew Miller

I spent my formative working years in the DHSS (if you are old enough to remember that!).  Three years later I fulfilled a life long dream and joined the British Army. WOW! That was a life changing experience I can tell you. Mind you after being abused and threatened in the DSS joining the Army seemed child’s play! I spent 12 years working in the military and loved every minute of it.

About Andrew Miller and I’m a Cardiff Wedding Photographer – I had the opportunity to go places, see things and do things that I would never have had if I had stayed in Middlesbrough.  The Army taught me an awful lot about myself and about other people.  It taught me self respect, leadership, people skills and a whole range of those softer skills that many people in corporate life spend thousands learning.  I was lucky enough to be chosen (told?!) to be an instructor from an early time in my Army career and have been trained and qualified with the Army in a wide variety of subjects… Physical training, Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare, Map Reading, Shooting & Range Control, First Aid to name but a few.

I never managed to get much adventure training in, but I did manage to sail around Europe & South East Asia for 7 months with the Royal Marines in 1997 (best holiday ever actually!) on HMS Fearless, spend 5 months sailing up and down the Arabian Gulf on a UK and US aircraft carrier as well as a few other really cool things.

I like to hill walk and rock climb when I have the time, which isn’t nearly enough for what I want to do!

About Andrew Miller


About Andrew Miller & Photography.  How I got started…

Along the way I attended a photography course and I’ve been lucky to have photographed weddings around the world since around 1992!  You know how it is.  If you are “The Guy” with the camera in the unit then you “will” photograph this and that and anything else the senior ranks and officers “ask” you to do!!  Sounds harsh but to be honest it was amazing and the experience was out of this world.  So if you work it out I’ve been a photographer for around 23 years.

I’ve photographed weddings all over the world.  Germany, Belgium, France, Singapore to name a few.  I was being an international photographer before the term even existed!  True – I was already in the country and had my travel (and uniform!) paid for me, but still photographed the weddings!

I love the dramatic; and you can see this in many of my “Signature” wedding photographs.  Big skies, loads of clouds, loads of space and a bride and groom madly in love with each other! I want to see no gaps between my couples when I’m photographing them – I want the love, tears and emotions that a wedding brings.  Get all of that together and I don’t have to pose you – you guys do it all yourselves in a totally natural and loving way.

About Andrew Miller – My Sunset and Evening Photography

I love sunset and evening photography – for me the wedding photography doesn’t stop when it gets dark – I just get the lights out and create amazing evening photographs!   To me it’s part of the craft of photography.  So to that end I DON’T class myself as a “Natural Light” photographer.  This is going to sound bitchy / contentious but a wedding photographer HAS to know how to use all the light that is there – natural or otherwise.

Professional Organisations – not for me…

I did join one – once.  Then after I realised that anybody could join upon payment of £99 (this was going back a few years though) I thought why bother?  I’ve looked at regular intervals into joining other professional bodies but none seem to have a defined path for showing how a photographer has learned and improved his or her craft.  By this I mean that once you join, and pay your joining fee, you are not really encouraged to progress through the various levels of membership.  You can stay (and many many photographers do) at the lowest level for their entire career. So whats the point?

The other bug bear of mine is that i’ve yet to find a professional organisation offering professional training workshops run by professionally qualified trainers! This may sound a bit arrogant – but nearly every single photographer out there moans about non ‘qualified’ photographers picking up a camera and calling themselves photographers.  I’m sure the photographers offering training workshops don’t see themselves as needed any training qualifications, just the same as photographers with a camera don’t see themselves as needed training.  Irony at it’s best.

(I’m also a professionally qualified trainer as well as a professional photographer…)

Andrew is a fully qualified and experienced trainer which includes the following

  • UK Military Train the Trainer (TTT) programme (6 week intensive course)
  • Degree level Adult-Adult (1-1 / 1-many) training qualification
  • Masters Level Coaching & Mentoring with the Institute of Leadership & Management
  • Qualified to administer and use psychometric assessments from the British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • 25 years of training experience within the British Military and National & International Blue Chip organisations.
  • Includes 16 years of corporate training within the UK, USA, Europe, Middle East and Far East.
  • Degree Level Photography Course (via British Army)

South Wales Wedding Photography Training

Before signing up for training workshops with other photographers check to make sure they are qualified to deliver training to groups or on a 1-1 basis. If they offer coaching and / or mentoring – ask if they are qualified coaches and mentors. If not; why not?

Those same professional photographers would moan about the amateurs picking up a camera and photographing a wedding without any training yet fail to see the irony of offering training workshops themselves when they have no training qualifications.

It’s not good enough to be good – you have to be good enough to teach your subject as well.

What camera equipment do I use?

At ay average wedding I’ll have around £15k of camera and IT kit with me.  Hence there is a clause in my contract that says something along the lines of “if your guests mess around / touch / interfere with my kit I’m leaving.”

I’m a Canon user and have been for years and years and years.  I currently use Canon 5D Mark III’s with a number of L series lenses.  Dual memory cards (CF and SD) give me great flexibility in backup and storage space.

My other gear is what really makes the show however.  I have a wide selection of lighting “stuff”; from Canon flash units to Godox to Yonguno.  I have a lot of wireless triggers that give me great creativity for my photography.

Light stands, light modifiers, batteries, LED lights, LED torches etc top it all off.  Oh; and a very comprehensive 1st Aid Kit.

About Andrew Miller | South Wales Wedding Photography
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