Bristol Wedding Photography Album Gallery

Photographs deserve to be printed, and none more so than wedding photographs.

Bristol Wedding Photography Album Gallery

My business has insisted on including wedding albums to EVERY couple for the past 15 years.

I believe in the power of print and the longevity of the print.

If you don’t believe in wedding albums or don’t want a wedding album … please don’t get in touch. 

Bristol Wedding Albums

Some of the amazing wedding albums, prints, accordion books etc that are included or that you can purchase separately.

Bristol Wedding Photography Album Gallery Accordion Wedding Books

A small-sized fold-out double-sided booklet that is pretty much ideal for the back pocket, handbag, coat pocket etc.

They can be used for weddings, family shoots, babies, portraits, birthdays – any thing you want a record of the day but in a smaller format.  The books below are from a wedding and two pre-wedding shoots.

7cm x 7cm (2.7″ x 2.7″) they can have up to 18 images either single images of spread across double pages.

Two of these amazing Accordion Books are included with every wedding photography collection.


Bristol Wedding Photography Album Gallery Folio Boxes

These are mounted prints that come in their own presentation case.  Various sizes are available, though I tend to offer either 5″x 7″ or 8″ x 10″ in size.  Your contract will tell you the prices for upgrading to more prints / larger prints should you wish to do that. In the images below you can see the size difference.  For the mantelpiece / small shelf I’d suggest the 5″x7″ and for the wall or larger shelf I’d go for the 8″ x 10″

The boxes can hold a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 prints.

All you need to do is put a frame around them and you have the perfect gift, or even better, the perfect “Wedding Wall”

Two of these Folio Boxes are included in Collection Two and are 8″ x 10″ in size.

Bristol Wedding Photography Album Gallery Wedding Albums

Oh, how I do love a wedding album.   I’ve been included wedding albums in all my collections for the last 15 years.  I got sick and tired during my first 12 months in business of handing over USB’s that habitually seem to get put into ‘that’ drawer we all have and lost! (You know you have one…)

My albums come in a variety of sizes and I offer 8″x8″, 10″x10″, and 12″x12″.  Your contract will tell you different sizes and prices.

The wedding album is inclusive of a presentation case, any material, and colour, any cover option.

I often mix and match page types to give a dramatic effect to the album layout with the bigger signature images in full metallic gloss and the rest of the album in silk.  (Being a Fuji camera user I use Fuji photo paper for the albums!)

Wedding albums are included in all my wedding photography collections.

What's included in my Wedding Photography Collections?

A lot.  I firmly believe in one upfront price so you know exactly what is included for the budget you may have.

I don’t ask for an email to send you some blurb for example.  You know immediately if the budget you have fits my pricing.

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Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller

Weak tea-drinking, crap joke-telling, Jaffa Cake eating, Bon Jovi loving, incredibly handsome wedding photographer (probably).

As a tea-sipping, pun-cracking, Jaffa Cake munching, Bon Jovi enthusiast, and strikingly good-looking wedding photographer (most likely), I am more than just a Bristol-based wedding photographer.

Wedding photographers in Bristol, like myself, often go beyond just capturing images.

I meticulously plan, organise, and create lasting wedding memories for weddings in Bristol and Somerset. My camera bags carry more non-photography related items than most would carry in a purse... Hairspray. Brush. Hair Grips. Jaffa Cakes. Deodorant. Blister kit. Plasters. Paracetamol. Crochet hook. Unicorns. Eyelash glue. Sewing kit. Heel Protectors. Scissors. Nail file. Bust tape. Umbrellas. Emergency hygiene kit.

Why do I do this? Because the last thing you need on your wedding day is to stress over the small stuff. Let me handle those details while you focus on celebrating the day with your loved ones.

And did I mention my fondness for Jaffa Cakes? I usually have a box or two on hand, just in case! ;-)

Red Flags When We Meet

NO Jaffa Cakes.  You bring me a box (or more if you fancy) of Jaffa Cakes when we meet and I’ll give you a 10% discount. No Jaffa Cakes, no discount.  This is firm rule (not a guideline by the way).

I don’t share my Jaffa Cakes.  Don’t make me fight you to prove it. I have no scruples when dealing with Jaffa Cakes.

NO Bon Jovi.  Optional, but bonus points if you like Bon Jovi!

NO Weak De-Caf Tea.  Optional...but you'll get hundreds of points if you can make me a cuppa that is perfect.  Decaf tea, no milk, no sugar and weak enough to see the bottom of the mug easily.


No pretentious crap.  Just solid hard work and amazing wedding photography. Just buy me Jaffa Cakes.

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