Wedding Photography Newport

Wedding Photography Newport – as a Newport wedding photographer I sometimes get asked to photograph late in the year weddings and late in the day weddings.  This means the light at the chosen venue tends to have gone by the time the service is done, the quick group shots have been done and the wedding breakfast has been done.

It’s a pain – but with a bride and groom who appreciate the value in what you do it makes the job a lot easier. Rachel & Alun were married at the Parkway Hotel in Cwmbran at 3.30pm at the start of October 2015.  Not much light left to play with.  I’m not what you would call a “natural light” photographer.  I believe that any light can and should be used and if you need top provide your own – you do so!

I had a quick chat with the bride and groom and we sent off to Newport centre to grab some of the more iconic architecture. I took an usher and his girlfriend to help with the kit and we managed to get some really great images!

As a wedding photographer in Newport I think that it’s important to make sure that you capture some stunning wedding photography no matter what venue or what weather conditions or what time of the day.  I use a lot of lighting kit for this – so for me photography doesn’t stop when the light goes down, it just gets more interesting!