Wedding Photography Chepstow Marriott – Aylesha & Steven

Wedding Photography Chepstow Marriott

Wedding Photography Chepstow Marriott – Aylesha & Steven at St Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club

Wedding Photography Chepstow Marriott

Wedding Photography Chepstow Marriott – a pretty amazing wedding couple at a pretty amazing wedding venue!  It’s taken me a little bit of time to publish the images due to workload issues – but here they are!

I started with bridal prep at St Pierre itself (Rose Cottage, just in the main Court Yard at Marriott St Pierre).  It was the usual chaos, but it is all part of the job!

Moved onto grabbing some quick images of the guys when they arrived, and they the totally amazing stunning main St Pierre Suite.  I love it to bits!  The views from the back of the room when it is set up are just great for wedding albums.

The service was really nice, the registrar’s that come to St Pierre must be some of the nicest people in the business.  Either that or I’ve been doing it so long were like old friends!  It is more of an “oh it’s you – you know what you’re doing.  Catch you in the main room” kind of thing :-)

Once the main wedding service is over it is the long walk out of the room through the hotel (2 minutes really) and out onto the main courtyard for the group and family photographs.  I must admit to really enjoying the group & family photos.  Probably one of the very few wedding photographers who do for some reason.

Off around the golf course for some intimate bride & groom photographs and then back into the main room for the speeches etc.

We finished the evening off with some photographs around the interior of St Pierre Hotel & Country Club.

I must admit to haveing as the fondness for Wedding Photography Chepstow Marriott.

I’ve been associated with the hotel for around 10 years on the preferred supplier list (one of only two) for about as long, know all the staff and could never tire of the grounds or interior.  Give me the time and we can create amazing wedding photographs together!

Even if you are getting married here mid week, it is worth getting in touch; the prices are not as expensive for your wedding photography as you may think!

Hope you enjoyed looking through Wedding Photography Chepstow Marriott photos!

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