The thought process behind a couple of my Thursday Quotes

After taking some flack from other wedding photographers (but strangely not couples) I thought I’d explain my thought process behind a few of my Thursday Quotes to you all.

Thursday Quote

This one is aimed squarely at the wedding photographers who offer to do “a few” group photographs and put it down to not being able to spend time with the couple doing couple shots.  Excuses range from “it takes too long” to “I don’t like doing them” to “I don’t work from lists it spoils my creativity”.

  1.  It takes too long.  Not if you are organised and know how to handle and communicate with a large group of people.  80 guests at a wedding with maybe 20 group photographs plus one large one shouldn’t take more than 35-40 minutes.  It really is about being organised and communicating with people.  Being assertive, playing to a crowd, having fun etc.
  2. I don’t like doing them. Then don’t offer to do them at all. End of story. People will still book you, just not people who want family memories.
  3. I don’t work from lists it spoils my creativity.  Fair one.  So get creative with the group and family shots!  The list is just there to say who is in the photo – it doesn’t say who is to stand where etc.

Personally, I LOVE family and group photographs.  I love doing them, I love the interaction with guests.  I have no issues talking and organising a large group of people (hence the communication bit in the quote).  Families make an effort to travel all over the world for weddings and treasure the family shots.

So, next time you are faced with a client demanding large numbers of groups pass them my way.

This is a big one for me and aimed at the kind of clients I would like to book me; with a dig at other wedding photographers and how they run their business.

You can tell from my Facebook Page that I like to be “me”. I have a sense of humour (dry and sarcastic at times, fun and childlike at others). I have a set of moral and ethical values that I look for in couples who want to book me.  I have a list of things I look for when chatting to couples (see the communication thing comes in again!!). I want to know if they meet my own list of criteria before I accept their booking.

Why?  Because the closer the couple are to my own set of criteria the happier I will feel, the more comfortable the couples will feel and the better the photographs will turn out.  It’s why I include, at a minimum, one pre-wedding shoot.  I want to get to know my couples, and in some case get to know parents etc before the wedding.

It’s not about the money it’s about me enjoying the working day as much as the couple enjoys their wedding. I’d prefer to turn down couples (and I do) who don’t match my criteria rather than taking the money and shooting a wedding where I’m not happy and neither are the couple.

It’s why I don’t shoot a set number of weddings anymore. I only book a set number of clients to give me the income that I want for the year ahead. Arrogant?  Possibly, but at least I’m honest about it.

This one got me a lot of FB private messages and one or two public ones from irate photographers.  Again – not couples!

So, as I have said above I have a sense of humour.  I like to be “me” and I’m not going to change that. I don’t want to leave my personality at home when I go to work, I want to work in an environment where I am wanted for being “me”.  You know like any adult orientated workplace is.  And as I control my own workplace I get to be |me” all the time.  Some people like me, some don’t.  I’m not bothered.

Some couples will book me, some won’t. Again I want to work with couples who appreciate the whole package – me, albums, pre-shoot, sarcastic humour, no time limits, crap jokes, family & group photos etc.

To those photographers who didn’t like this quote – get a sense of humour.

This one quote got me more moans, whines, whinges and abusive comments than any other one.  All from other, predominantly South Wales, wedding photographers.

They trolled me, they trolled my images, they made derogatory remarks on my Facebook photos, on my client’s photographs.  It was a client who actually told me about the comments in the first place. Highly unprofessional and equates in my head to bullying, intimidation and harassment.  Why?  because they obviously had a malfunction in their sense of humour gland.

Just for them…

“Natural” light is daylight. It’s the sun. When the sun goes down it gets dark.  when it gets dark even top of the range professional cameras really really really struggle to work.

“Ambient” light is a mixture of natural light and other artificial light sources, usually overheads lights, spotlights, outdoor lights etc.  And yes, you can use those lights to give enough light to allow photographs when the natural light (the Sun) goes down. Or you can add your own.

Why the comments?  Well, the whole “haters will be haters” thing can come up but I just think they have no sense of humour and don’t understand sarcasm! (see posts above…) However, I’d really like to think they stop and look in the mirror first and foremost, and potentially think about how they are raising their kids (which a couple of them have) when making bullying comments about others.