Dealing with Complaints | When the relationship goes bad

Dealing with Complaints | When the relationship goes bad

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Dealing with Complaints  |  When the relationship goes bad

As many of you will know I have been an avid supporter of Graphistudio for many years and have been an (over?!) active support of Graphistudio.  My website is littered with links to their website and products.  Over the past three years, however, I’ve toned down my support because I’ve seen the standards at Graphistudio slowly slipping as the company gets bigger, produces more albums and takes on more photographers.

I’ve mentioned this privately to senior management and have voiced concerns in the Closed Facebook page Graphistudio run.

With that in mind, I very recently decided to source a second wedding supplier, it’s good management of business risk, and to be honest I wanted to be able to differentiate myself from Graphistudio; who whilst producing amazing albums also seems that every photographer in the world uses them.  I want my clients to stand out from the crowd.

I’m glad I did.

As of today, Friday 13th January 2017, I have been removed from the Graphistudio Facebook forum and will likely have my Trade Account with Graphistudio removed once my current orders are fulfilled.  EDITED 1st March 2017.  Trade Area / Account is still active.

This is a great shame. for two reasons

1. My complaints have always been made privately, either via e-mail or in the closed Facebook forum.

2. No thought to the current album’s I have in design for current clients and those in the sign off stage for current clients.  This lack of empathy towards my wedding clients is what disappoints me most about this behaviour. 

To be removed with no warning, no communication etc is horrendous client management, especially from a client that averages £10,000 per year on albums over the 8 years I’ve been with them. I’m not the biggest spender, but I’m not the smallest either.

The image above is my open comment to the senior management of Graphistudio once I found out (via another individual who was also blocked and their account removed).  I have had replies below that, but to preserve anonymity I’ve refrained from including the responses.

I have included below the response from the UK General Manager:

Graphistudio, general images, complaints

My Response to Jeremy and Graphistudio

Thank you for the response.  I have taken my time to craft this post and stepped away from the emotion many times. 

It leads me, and many others who have contacted me over my original post, with a few questions, however.

  1. Have I been removed from the Graphistudio forum because I complained about the quality of your service over the past several years?  If so can you confirm that others who complained have also been removed and that it is the intention of Graphistudio to remove anybody who complains?
  2. I have acquired another supplier, and that is a sensible business option given the nature of the issues I have had with Graphistudio.  There are also many others in the Graphistudio community who use several suppliers.  Will you confirm that those have also been removed or will be removed from the Graphistudio community and that it is Graphistudio’s policy to only accept clients who use Graphistudio exclusively?
  3. You state the community is a support mechanism for your customs.  Does that support not also include dealing with (in many cases very valid and serious) complaints, or is it more about an ego trip for those in the Graphistudio management?  And yes, I was one other those “fanboys” until several years ago when, in my opinion, and that of others, the standards for Graphistudio slipped. I have commented as such to you privately.
  4. You have also failed to resolve whether my Trade Account will be kept open.  I have albums in the design stage and at sign-off stage.  Is it, therefore, Graphistudio’s wish to close my Trade Area and disappoint those customers because I and many others have raised valid complaints and issues once the current albums are fulfilled?

The last comment I made on the GS forum was in reply to another person, also removed and had their trade account closed, and was in response to a much wider thread and more serious complaint nature:

 “I had an exact same response re “give them the album and take it back after Christmas” over a DMA I designed using Pearl Paper.  Or rather not a DMA because it turns out that you can’t have raised varnish on Pearl Paper at all.  I refunded the couple the cost of the album and let them keep it.  Other silly errors, but equally as serious, over the past 18-24 months have led me to source a second album company”

Graphistudio’s response to the email complaint I made about that album was the final straw in my decision to source another company. That and silly little issues with albums / parent books etc, the issues over the incorrect invoice prices, incorrect or conflicting accounting from Graphistudio which led to my HMRC records being wrong, being overcharged, having to chase up refunds (took 5 months), being verbally harassed / intimidated and abused by the wife of a world famous Australian / Armenian photographer and finally going back to my first issues with customer service and Graphistudio back in 2010 when they removed money from my bank account with no authorization and no warning.  I know I am not the only one with issues and complaints like this, some of them more serious.

The lack of real customer service, real empathy towards my clients is unbelievable.  Good customer service is about making sure the client’s clients are happy, and never more so in the emotionally charged world of wedding photography.

As a side note, reprinting incorrect orders due to issues with Graphistudio’s internal process / QA system isn’t really customer service, it’s a legal obligation under EU legislation, UK consumer protection laws and Italian consumer protection laws.

Overall Jeremy I find that your response above (and in answering some of the complaints in the forums) and that of Graphistudio to be totally unprofessional and extreme, as has been noted by several people in the forums on several occasions.  That is not how social media works.  As yourself and other senior management within Graphistudio comment repeatedly it is how you deal with complaints that show how good a company is.  

It seems to me, and many others, that in removing customers who complain in a CLOSED group from accessing your products to be childish and petulant behavior on behalf of the Chairman, Tullio Tramontina (if indeed he made the final decision), especially in light of no communication from anyone at Graphistudio – something that you keep telling your clients to do. Walking the Talk spring to mind?

I am very disappointed in the behaviour of Graphistudio in dealing with this and even more disappointed in the lack of empathy towards my wedding clients from a company that supposedly is there to support the industry.

And finally

Graphistudio produce excellent albums, there is no question about that, as do many other smaller companies.  My issues lie with the declining customer service I’ve received from Graphistudio, and for voicing those valid complaints they have attempted to punish my wedding clients.

I, therefore, feel fully vindicated in my decision to source a second supplier. 

Dealing with Complaints | When the relationship goes bad
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