Clevedon Hall Wedding Photography – Rose & Dom’s wedding at Clevedon Hall

Clevedon Hall Wedding Photography

Clevedon Hall Wedding Photography | Rose & Dom’s wedding at Clevedon Hall

Clevedon Hall Wedding Photography  |  Rose & Dom’s wedding at Clevedon Hall

Rose contacted me a few months ago for her Clevedon Hall wedding photography, and to be honest I was sceptical about the booking!  She just asked for prices, then asked to book!!  The wedding dates were April 1st so you can imagine my thought process here.

I much prefer to chat with my clients to get an idea of what they want, what they like, the wedding plans etc before taking a booking.  The thing was they both lived in Florida.  Yeah – I know.  Living in Florida and getting married in South Bristol at Clevedon Hall, go figure!

Anyway after the usual “can you date this date, can you do that date” we got a Skype call sorted and chatted like old friends.  Really nice to see a couple in love :-)

The wedding was April 1st, and obviously, the couple had something planned!  A fake cake was procured and a very brave member of staff at Clevedon Hall was briefed to basically push the cake table over just before speeches.  It worked a dream – the whole room gasped as the poor guy acted perfectly!!

Rose & Dom were a perfect couple for me doing my Clevedon Hall wedding photography job.  They didn’t mess about when it came to getting some amazing (yes – AMAZING!) sunset photographs.  We even managed to get a rainbow… so to all those that keep saying it’s “Photoshopped” – sorry guys.  I don’t photoshop skies – I get them in real life!!

Clevedon Hall is an outstanding venue for a wedding, exclusive use, fantastic grounds, accommodation,  great food (a full dinner was provided by the staff, as well as private room to keep all the camera gear).  It is definitely on my list to be a Clevedon Hall wedding photographer again.

Anyway, enough of my musings and wittering – the photos!!!

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