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St Pierre Marriott Wedding Albums | Rachel & Mark’s Wedding

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Wedding Album Updates | Cardiff Wedding Photographer

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St Pierre Marriott Wedding Album | St Pierre Wedding Photographer


Printing wedding photographs | Wedding Photographs in Print

Printing wedding photographs

One of the reasons my wedding photography may seem expensive is that I give a wedding album with EVERY SINGLE booking.  I don’t do this to look great, or to make more money.  I do this because I really believe that unless yo print your photographs (wedding or otherwise) you will never see and appreciate them.

Even Google agrees with it:


Unless you print the photographs you treasure you may well end up loosing them.  Remember VHS?  Apple no lo longer builds computers with CD drives.  The ‘Cloud’ seems to be the way to go.

Wedding Albums - Cardiff wedding photographers

Wedding Albums – Cardiff wedding photographers

By all means, if you can’t afford a wedding album at the time of your wedding go fo disc – but really think about saving up and getting one at a later date:  Click here for my wedding albums.  Not as costly as you may think!

My Wedding album starts at £300 for an album with 70 images in, and a presentation case included.  Good value!, so there is no excuse for not printing wedding photographs anymore.