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Wedding Photography Training Day – Feb 2017

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How does the budget friendly, battery powered, feature rich monolight perform in real world use?

A great review of this very portable but very powerful monolight.  It would be perfect for this Cardiff Wedding Photographer if anyone wants to get me a Christmas pressure!!




Wedding Photography Business Models | Wedding Photography Training

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Wedding Photography Training Cardiff | Wedding Photography Training Day

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Wedding Photography Training Workshop – Available on Event Brite

Bristol Wedding Photography Training | Photography Training

Chepstow wedding photography training

Chepstow Wedding Photography Training & Wedding Photography Business Training – This is a Wedding Photography Training Day that is jam packed with up to date information on running your business and techniques for taking your photography skills to another level.  Full Aims and Objectives of the day are

Andrew Miller runs several workshops per year dedicated to Wedding Photography Training Chepstow. As one of the leading wedding photographers in Wales in addition to being a fully qualified and trained business trainer and business coach Andrew specialises in the use of Off Camera Light techniques to give him his iconic and dramatic wedding photographs.

This full day will concentrate on your business as well as your photography and will take place in a four-star hotel in South Wales – the amazing St. Piere Marriott Hotel & Country Club where Andrew is one of the preferred suppliers of wedding photography.

 Chepstow Wedding Photography Training  – OBJECTIVES

  • Getting a sensible and logical running order in your head and sticking to it.
  • What is a “Hero Wedding Photograph / Signature Image” and how do you find your particular style?
  • Describe and explain the steps you need to take to use On and Off Camera flash in a variety of different situations using a variety of light modifiers.
  • Describe the differences between how RAW & JPG files work and how they can be ‘pushed’ for post-processing.
  • List the various plugins that you can use to aid and speed your editing process.
  • Writing Adobe Photoshop Actions and Adobe Lightroom Presets to speed your workflow.
  • Describe the importance of having a contract signed by all parties.
  • Utilise good communication techniques when talking to clients.
  • Learning how to pose clients so THEY feel comfortable. (It’s not about YOU; it’s about THEM!)
  • Putting together your Wedding Photography Collections and getting that “WOW” factor
  • Album design for real clients and why allowing them to choose their own photographs gives you space to up-sell.
  • Learn the basics of marketing, web design and SEO.
  • Lots of photography.  Really – loads of it.  Inside, outside, churches, buildings, woods, fields, lakesides & bridges.