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Wedding Fayres Dates Locations

Wedding Fayres Dates Locations

Wedding Fayres Dates Locations – just a quick post really to put onto the interweb thingy the dates & locations of the wedding fayres I will be attending in the coming year!

I travel all over the UK (and occasionally the world) for my wedding photography.  However, the logistics of wedding fayres means I can’t really get around as much.  So I limit myself to the local area (South Wales – St. Pierre Marriott near Chepstow and Cardiff) and over to Bristol / Bath where I do a lot of my English weddings:

Berwick Lodge wedding photography

Clevedon Hall Wedding photography

Thornbury Castle wedding photography

Wedding Fayres Dates Locations

7th May 2017- St Pierre Wedding Showcase – St Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club

15th August 2017- St Pierre Wedding Showcase – St Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club

10th September 2017 – Ashton Court Mansion, Bristol area

24th September 2017 – Somerdale Pavillion, Keynsham, between Bristol and Bath

24th September 2017 – Holiday Inn, Cardiff City Centre

5th November 2017 – Bailbrook House, Bath

30th November 2017- St Pierre Wedding Showcase – St Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club

There are bound to be one or two others, probably St Pierre, later towards the end of the year.

Wedding Photographer in South Wales

Wedding Fayres Dates Locations

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Clevedon Hall Wedding Photography | Rose & Dom’s wedding at Clevedon Hall

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Thornbury Castle Wedding Photography | Lana & Steve’s Wedding

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St Pierre Marriott Wedding Albums | Rachel & Mark’s Wedding

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St Pierre Marriott Wedding Showcase

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Wedding Photographer Offers Clients Incredible Wedding Photography Adventure Sessions | Fstoppers

Wedding Photography Adventure Sessions

Wedding Photography Adventure Sessions – Wedding photography has evolved into a stunning genre of photography. Photographers across the globe are bringing a level of creativity to wedding photography that elevates the images into something more than just photo-documentation.

Source: Wedding Photographer Offers Clients Incredible Wedding Adventure Sessions | Fstoppers

A fantastic article on Wedding Photography Adventure Sessions and the creativity it allows the couple who value the work of their wedding photographer to benefit from. I always say that give me the time at your wedding and you will get magical photographs.

Adventurous Wedding Photography

Adventurous Wedding Photography

Even when time is short you can always check back with me to be more adventurous and we can arrange another date for even more epic photographs.  Yes, we can include this in your wedding photography collection or you can tag it on as an extra add-on. Your choice!

The whole day can be planned and choreographed to ensure that your hair and makeup is perfect throughout.  Yes, this costs – but think of it as an investment into YOU.  This isn’t simply ‘another wedding photography” session.  It’s a totally full-on fashion orientated Fine ArtWedding Photography Adventure Session. Beach settings, Castles, City Centres, Woodlands, Cliffs are all on the cards to make this Wedding Photography Adventure session the best it can be.

For 2018 I’m off to London for a Malaysian post wedding session and recently back from Bowood House and South Wales capturing some amazing photographs that we couldn’t get on the day!  If you want to know more then drop me a line!


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Miskin Manor Wedding Photographer | Engagement Photographs


Andrew Miller Photography | Cardiff Wedding Photographer Andrew Miller

Cardiff wedding photographer  |  Andrew Miller Photography

Andrew Miller Photography –  is new to the photography world, only having been a serious photographer for 20 years.  He hated his picture being taken as a kid and avoided at all costs anyone with a camera.  In fact, it may come as a surprise but he wasn’t born with a camera in his hand either. However, all that changed when he was sent on a photography course by the British Army and he has never looked back!

Andrew likes to have fun whilst doing any work and taking stunning photographs if your wedding is no exception…

Andrew Miller – Cardiff Wedding Photographer

In his spare time, Andrew likes to walk the mountains of South Wales and does the occasional bit of rock climbing.  Unlike many other photographers he doesn’t take a camera with him everywhere, preferring instead to capture nature in his memories.  In fact, Andrew really struggles to take photographs of landscapes – it’s almost as if there is a totally different technique involved. Oh, hang… there is!

 Awards & Competitions

Andrew has so far not bothered to enter competitions or awards and sometimes feels that there are too many photographers with too many ‘award winning’ tags in their name.  The first place at a local photographers club or regional competition is something to be proud of – but not an excuse to increase prices!! Now… if Andrew won a national or international award that would be different and you could guarantee his prices would raise the second the award was announced!! ;-)

Professional Bodies

Do you know that you can purchase membership of several ‘Professional Bodies’ within the photography world yourself right?  And then say things like “I’m a member of so and so” or “I’m qualified with X society or Y association”.  Andrew firmly believes that training & education is important in all aspects of life and especially photography.  He spent £2500 in 2013 on various workshops staying up to date with cutting edge techniques etc.  Those, and seeing his work in print around his client’s homes, are worth more than any membership or letters after his name.

Let’s face it, when he dies he is not going to have “Andrew Miller MPA, SWPP, RPS etc etc” on the gravestone!

 About You

YOU will value the work that goes into producing your wedding photographs.  You will value the 14 hour days Andrew spends at your wedding and the long days and sometimes nights spent editing photographs to get your wedding photographs looking just the way you want them.  You will value the work that goes into designing stunning wedding albums.  You value all of this because you value yourself, your partner and your wedding.  You want those special memories captured by a professional.  You love your friends and adore your family (well, most of them anyway!).

You value the art that goes into the work, money is important; but it’s not the end of the world and more importantly you LOVE to have fun.

Have fun, stay safe and book me!



Wedding Photographer  Cardiff – Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller Photography is certainly not your average wedding photographer Cardiff.  Cardiff wedding photographer Andrew Miller will photograph your wedding with the utmost quality, care and attention.  Andrew Miller, the wedding photographer Cardiff strives to get you bespoke and amazing wedding photographs no matter where you are getting married.

We take pride in offering our clients a totally bespoke service and in ensuring that the artwork we produce will ensure your wedding album stands out from the crowd.  With your album will come your wedding photographs (edited by hand by wedding photographer Cardiff Andrew Miller) on a USB memory stick packaged in a classic box.

Serving the Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol, South West and Beyond.

Andrew Miller Photography offers Cardiff wedding photography in the Cardiff area, including but not limited to Roath, Rumney, St. Mellons, Llanishen, Pentwyn, Pontprennau, Llandaff, Whitchurch, Canton, Grangetown, Butetown and surrounding areas.

In addition to wedding photography Cardiff, this Cardiff wedding photographer also offers wedding photography coverage around the UK and internationally. 

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“In the hope that this will give greater understanding …..

Much of the cost of a photographic image or print produced by a professional photographer has a lot to do with the time, equipment costs, artistic vision and reputation of the photographer not to mention expertise and the usual costs of running a legitimate business.

The cost of TIME:

Approaching it from a time standpoint, let’s imagine that you have hired a photographer who has work that you love. This photographer is traveling an hour to your destination to photograph your session.”


This is an excellent article by Susie Mackie.  Well worth reading in full!


South Wales Wedding Photographer

Andrew is a South Wales Wedding Photographer who works nationally and globally.  Check out his latest blog post, Emma & Aled’s wedding at Miskin Manor.