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Bowood House wedding photography

Bowood House Wedding Photography | Sarina & Bryan’s Wedding

Bowood House Wedding Photography  |  Sarina & Bryan’s Wedding

Bowood House Wedding Photography – Sarina & Bryan were married at this amazing wedding venue 16th AIgist 2016 (16-08-16).  My involvement in this wedding, and with this fabulous couple, started way back in June 2014!  Yes, some couples do book that far in advance :-)

It is always an honour to be trusted with photographing a wedding but when you are also trusted to help narrow down thew wedding venue and then asked to visit it to make sure “ can get the kind of photographs you take…” is way above honour – it’s like being part of the wedding itself.  And that is how I have felt the whole time with Sarina & Bryan.  Not just a wedding photography, but part of the family in helping with all the myriad of things you need to do for a wedding.

Loads of Bowood House Engagement Photography Sessions modelling for me when I wanted to try something new, ideas they had to try out and finally arranging for Bryan to have a ‘special’ present from Sarina a couple of days be the wedding!

The Bowood House Wedding Photography started out in Bristol town center for the bridal prep at an apartment.  Cramped – but great fun.  Surrounded by ladies of all ages, one of them (Sarina’s sister) singing her head off to the little girls.  How did she know all the nursery rhymes? She’s a nursery nurse! It was during this time I had to lock myself away in one of the bedrooms and start stitching my trousers back together – they had ripped at the seams!

I left a little bit earlier yto get to the church – it was quite a drive.  Bristol center was packed and so not the quickest drive.  As I neared the church it was also apparent that the local roads were blocked.  Still – I arrived, about 2 minutes before the vicar!! Sarai however was about 20 mins later.  Despite her mum Jo driving like a bat out of hell to get her there!

I loved every minute of the day, from the little bridesmaids (AKA Tom, Dick & Harry) to the final perfect image of a little girl singing the theme from “Frozen”.  Amazing.

Bowood House was great – looked after me and the videographer (Matthew Turner).  All in all a pretty long but perfect day from Bristol Wedding Photographer Andrew Miller

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Bowood House Wedding Photography
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