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Andrew Miller is a highly experienced Bristol Photographer covering Cardiff, South Wales, and the South West of England

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Bristol photographer, Andrew Miller

About me

Bristol photographer – Andrew Miller
When I see the words “Documentary Photographer”…
…coupled with text that says stuff like…
…”I don’t stop what you’re doing, I don’t interrupt, get in the way or get you to pose for the camera, I’m a ninja in the background” etc etc …
…paired with photographs of (for example) a confetti shot with all the guests arranged around the B&G but with a big space for the “documentary” photographer to capture it all or perhaps a couple who have been expertly position and posed to within an inch of their lives in some remote woodland area, I call BS on the documentary bit!
I don’t do that fake documentary stuff.
I organise, arrange and craft wedding memories. And then take (possibly embarrassing but 100% accurate) unposed, unnoticed, unseen, unheard (Really. My cameras are 100% silent. I could take wedding photographs with the Pope officiating, with my camera body poking over his left shoulder and he wouldn’t hear the shutter. ) truly documentary images when you’re not expecting it.
I do documentary photography. I do product photography. I do fashion photography. I help you craft memories and then help you put those memories in print with amazing wedding albums.

An experienced training specialist

Andrew is a fully qualified and experienced trainer which includes the following

  • UK Military Train the Trainer (TTT) programme (6-week intensive course)
  • Degree level Adult-Adult (1-1 / 1-many) training qualification
  • Masters Level Coaching & Mentoring with the Institute of Leadership & Management
  • Qualified to administer and use psychometric assessments from the British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • 25 years of training experience within the British Military and National & International Blue Chip Organisations.
  • Includes 16 years of corporate training within the UK, USA, Europe, Middle East and Far East.
  • Degree Level Photography Course (via British Army)

South Wales Wedding Photography Training

Before signing up for training workshops with other photographers check to make sure they are qualified to deliver training to groups or on a 1-1 basis. If they offer coaching and/or mentoring – ask if they are qualified coaches and mentors. If not; why not?

Those same professional photographers would moan about the amateurs picking up a camera and photographing a wedding without any training yet fail to see the irony of offering training workshops themselves when they have no training qualifications.

It’s not good enough to be good – you have to be good enough to teach your subject as well.

What camera equipment do I use?

At ay average wedding I’ll have around £15k of the camera and IT kit with me.  Hence there is a clause in my contract that says something along the lines of “if your guests mess around / touch / interfere with my kit I’m leaving.”

I’m a Canon user and have been for years and years and years.  I currently use Canon 5D Mark III’s with a number of L series lenses.  Dual memory cards (CF and SD) give me great flexibility in backup and storage space.

Confession Time…

I’ve been using Fuji XT2‘s since February 2017, just not had time to update my website.  And I thought I had better as a potential client (Cerys – you know who you are!!) commented on the Canon’s etc!!

Why did I change?

Well, a few reasons but three main ones.

  1. Cost.  The new Canon 5D4 came out at £3,500 each. I needed to upgrade 4 Canon 4D3’s – a total cost of £14,000.  That is a lot of cash.
  2. Tech.  The Canon 5D4 just didn’t have the extra stuff inside to justify the extra cost. £500 cheaper and I’d have been seriously tempted.  But then Canon introduced an upgrade to allow 4k video and was charging £100 extra for it.  That just isn’t on in a camera costing £3.5k to start with and I lost faith in Canon.
  3. Weight. Canon’s are bloody heavy. A 5D4 plus battery grip plus flash plus 70-200 II f2.8 puts a serious strain on the lower back and elbow/wrist joints. I’m not getting any younger as my grey hair will testify to.

Update – I’ve just finished my blog about moving to Fuji.  You can read it all here – Fuji XT2 wedding photography

Why Fuji?

I looked at Sony, another great mirrorless system and found them excellent but again in my opinion costly.  Next in line was Fuji.

A good photographer friend of mine from North Yorkshire has had them a couple of years.  We met, we played I fell in love.  Simple as that.  The Fuji XT2 LOOKS like a camera should.  Dials on the top plate, the aperture on the lens.  It had a soul. It was also £1,400 per body, had 4k video, weather sealed, dual cards, outstanding low light capability (I’ll easily use files from ISO 12,800 with it), weighed a lot less, image quality was the same (bet you can’t tell which images are Canon and which are Fuji eh?!).

On the downside it’s mirrorless – so has potential power management issues.  So I bought more batteries.  It has a slightly slower focusing speed in low light than the Canon 5D3, so I slowed myself down and thought more about the images I was taking.  It also didn’t have (until now) a mature flash system, but I’m used to shooting in manual flash anyway so that’s all I did until Fuji finalised the techy side, issued a free firmware update and Godox got on the case and made the Fuji version of the triggers I use.  It’s now an outstanding bit of kit.

One of the first Off Camera Flash images I took using a Godox AD600 and the Fuji XT2. I used Cactus 6Vii triggers with sync cords. This was photographed at Clevedon Hall by the way.

Fuji also has a corporate mantra of Kaizen or Continuous Improvement.  “No camera left behind” The update the firmware on their cameras on a regular basis.  This gives better focusing speed as an example or better power management.  Canon & Nikon have a history of just bringing out a new camera instead of updating the firmware.  Free update vs new camera?  No brainer for me.

The Other Gear

My other gear is what really makes the show, however.  I have a wide selection of lighting “stuff”; from Canon flash units to Godox to Yonguno.  Update – it’s ALL Godox now. TT350-F, T685, V860, AD200, AD360, AD600  I have a lot of wireless triggers that give me a great creativity for my photography. Loads of softboxes, octoboxes, reflectors, grids, snoots, gels etc.

Light stands, light modifiers, batteries, LED lights, LED torches etc top it all off.  Oh; and a very comprehensive 1st Aid Kit!

Capturing beauty with Fuji Xt2’s

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