5 Top Tips on Wedding Albums | Cardiff Wedding Photography

5 Top Tips on Wedding Albums | Cardiff Wedding Photography

5 Top Tips on Wedding Albums |  Cardiff Wedding Photography

Why including wedding albums may not be the best choice – So.  You’re a wedding photographer just starting out perhaps, or an established one and thinking about including wedding albums in your collections?  Read on, this article is for you.

I use Graphistudio Wedding Albums exclusively.  I love the range, price point etc.  However, I’m going to give some advice on those looking to include albums, from any company, for the first time.

Top Tips on Wedding Albums – 1

Do your research.  Seriously.  Get out there and go to the NEC in March and look around ALL the album companies.  There are loads of them.  You may find one you love but the cost price is too high.  You may find one whose cost price is good but the quality isn’t all that.  So do your research!

Top Tips on Wedding Albums – 2

Work out the numbers for your business.  The cost price isn’t what you charge your clients. Some simple numbers:

Cost Price of album:  £100

Design charge to design the album: £100

Profit for you: £100

Total cost to client – £300

If you are a wedding photographer who charges £750 and wants to move up the value chain by adding wedding albums you will have to increase your prices by £300 at a minimum using the above figures.  Or to put it another way by 40%.  That is a large chunk to increase your prices by and may push you into another stratum for your client base.

So – do the numbers and do them properly. This is a good site to get you thinking about the numbers in more detail.

Top Tips on Wedding Albums – 3

Think about your marketplace and your future clients.  (Not your current ones.)

Don’t get lots and lots of sample albums.  I’ve been there, made that mistake. The only people it helped was the album companies. Get a couple of well-designed albums, well laid out, well thought out colours etc and stick with those.  You do not need every combination of size, shape, colour etc.

Make sure the albums fit your images and future client base.

Top Tips on Wedding Albums – 4

Think about the future.  If you start including albums then as I’ve mentioned above you increase the cost of your collections, and will also start to attract clients who can afford that extra cost.  So do your market research – what would they like to see in a wedding album?

All the bells and whistles or more classical in approach?

Top Tips on Wedding Albums – 5

Have faith.  Yes, it’s easy for me to say this.  When you add an album and increase your prices you will find your bookings going into a slump whilst your new marketing (aimed at future clients remember) gets going.  Stick with it.  Make sure you have something aside to cover this or have a part-time job.

5 Top Tips on Wedding Albums | Cardiff Wedding Photography
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